Why Kids Need Chores

Parents need the help and children need to learn responsibility More »

Let Girls Play and Be Educated

The latest stats on what happens when we do noteducated our girls More »

Backyard Games for Warm Weather Fun

Get your family out and playing with these fun summer games from Sue Lipman More »

Breathing Life into Rembrandt

Actors bring to life Rembrandt Painting More »

Playground Abandonment to Astonishment

Have you and your family every stumbled across an old, abandoned playground in your travels? More »



Parenting.com shares with us 8 simple ways families can chose healthier foods.  As many of us know, our kids must start eating healthier.  Processed foods, artificial colors, hydrogenated oils, sugar and high fructose corn syrup must be eliminated from our children’s diets.  …

Keepin’ It Clean with Johnson and Johnson

JohnsonandJohnsonWhen our youngest baby was born just a few months ago, the good folks over at Johnson and Johnson sent a care package of all their latest baby bath products.  This was our fourth child and so while I unpacked the box, the older three children gathered round and began pulling out the bottles of lotion and soap.  …

Band-Aid Turns Red, White and Blue


This summer when your little explorers hit the backyard or the playground they are bound to get a boo boo.  It happens to the best of us.  Not to worry because before you can even say “red, white and blue”, you can pull from the medicine cabinet the latest and coolest Band-Aids.  …


Giggle Goop from Lasso the Moon on Vimeo.

If you and your kids just need a giggle or a little inspiration to make some very silly Goop, take a look at this short video and perhaps the joy will be contagious.…

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