Why Kids Need Chores

Parents need the help and children need to learn responsibility More »

Let Girls Play and Be Educated

The latest stats on what happens when we do noteducated our girls More »

Play, The Meaning of the Life

Shining light on what the true meaning of life may be... More »

Breathing Life into Rembrandt

Actors bring to life Rembrandt Painting More »

Playground Friendly Blogs via Super Nanny

The play movement has grown! Check out these great blogs about play. More »


Running With Legos

girls and legosIn recent years our educational system has swung in such a way as to over emphasize the intellectual work of the brain. We are favoring rigorous testing and highly structured, state mandated academic programs.  To help balance out the very heady approach being taken in schools, as well as the noxious amount of screen time our children are ingesting, programs and partnerships are cropping up to give our children the opportunity to explore their inner well of knowledge in new and useful ways. …

Educating our Children with a Carrot, Not a Stick

In this day and age many parents have begun to understand that educating our children in data recall may not be enough for a successful life. Being able to find creative solutions will become the cornerstone of a future career. The question of how best to motivate children toward creative expression has become one of the great mystery’s of modern parenting.…

Children + Play = Science

Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, in her article for the Smithsonian says that when children pretend, they’re not just being silly—they’re doing science. She goes on to describe how a child’s imaginings relate to “counterfactual thinking, like Einstein wondering what would happen if a train went at the speed of light”.…

Dirty is Good

This weekend on Huffington Post, Mike Rowe,  host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”, has a TED talk featured that explains the lessons he has learned from interviewing those that work in the world’s dirtiest jobs.  In his experience those that are working in the some of the jobs we think as the worst jobs on the planet are some of the happiest people.…

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