Imagination + Nature + Kids = Woodland People

By Maggy Woodley via Imagination Soup

People often ask me what my “favourite crafts” of all times is… and to be honest, I really can’t say. We have made so many things over the last couple of years, that it would be hard to pick out just the one. But we do love crafting withCardboard Tube Rolls, as they are simple, cheap and surprisingly versatile. Also they are “non threatening” – i.e. no one will worry about “messing it up” – you can simply dive straight in and have a go! Our favourites are probably our TP Roll Pirates and our TP Roll Animal Zoo! We have so much fun playing with them, since we made them.

The other “thing” we love to craft with, are “things” form nature! Which is one of crafts I share with you today – our Woodland People! Both my children adore going to the park, collecting sticks, leaves, stones, horse chestnuts and acorns and then coming home and making something with them.

The great thing is, that you can make these all year round, though Summer and Autumn are best for gathering a variety of leaves. So. Go out. Get some fresh air. Collect. Come back. GET CRAFTY!

This really is a simple craft,  which can be done again and again and again. Once the glue has dried, you can press your craft between books to help preserve it.

Materials: Leaves, park, PVA glue, paper & pen

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