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Being a Dad – by Dads

What does it mean to be a dad in 2012? Our friend over at Glittering Muffins reached out to dads across the internet to find out their experiences. Read on to hear more from the front lines of fatherhood.

(Originally published on Glittering Muffins)

It means always being there for my family.…

Park Kids

What Happened To My Little Babies?

By Chris Read

Chris Read is the owner and writer of the blog Canadian Dad. Please feel free to stop by to say hi and/or follow on Twitter or Facebook

I love going to the park, but it’s a luxury that comes with having children.…


Who Are the Real At-Home Dads?

This week on LCP we are talking about the growing group of men who are choosing to stay at home with their children.  What better way to understand this group, than to link up with a man living the life of an at-home dad.…

Modern Fatherhood

Modern fatherhood is an odd mix.

The constant amazement that I am responsible for this bundle of mayhem.

The fun of seeing an over sized caterpillar transform into a little person with opinions.

The chance to climb trees and play with Legos without anyone thinking it is odd.…

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