International Mud Day meets the 4th of July

June 29th is International Mud Day and we at Let Children Play definitely plan on celebrating. We also love to kick back on the 4th of July and enjoy some good times with the family. That is why we love this post from Growing A  Jeweled Rose about 4th of July mud pies. It brings together two of our favorite holidays!

For complete instructions on how to whip a mean 4th of July mud pie, head on over to Growing a Jeweled Rose and relish the adorable pictures of this muddy tike, as well as get inspired to play outside with the family this summer.  The years when our kids are in love with mud are short and, while it does create a mess for us to clean up, it also can create wonderful memories for child and parent.

If you are a parent that feels a bit squeamish about letting your little one (or your big kid) get up to their knees and elbows in mud, here are few reasons why mud actually helps kids in their development:

1.  Playing in the mud can make you happier. You can check out the research here.

2.  Playing in the mud can make you healthier. Yup, there is research to back this up as well.

3.  Playing in the mud encourages creative thinking. And we all want our kids to be innovative thinkers. Innovation is going to be one of the most important skills kids will need when they face the workforce in years to come. It is never to early to give them a chance to flex their creative thinking muscles.

{For a full list of ALL the reasons playing in the mud is a good thing, visit Let the Children Play}

For parents truly inspired by the world of muddy play, check out this round up of wonderful fun and creative mud pie kitchens, also from Let the Children Play.


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