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by Ann

Most of us nowadays prefer our kids to get accustomed to riding a bicycle using a balance bike. However, the basic models are far simpler in design than the actual ones.

This makes it rather confusing and difficult for the kid to get accustomed to the regular bicycle. As parents it is our responsibility to help them deal with the transition.

It is best to get them more advanced balance bikes as they gradually grow up and get accustomed to the old ones.

The most basic models are generally made of wood or ABS materials with limiters placed on the front handle so that the bike does not take very sharp turn.

There are no brakes in these bikes and the wheels are generally made of synthetic material which has high traction. All of these needs to be changed as the kid grows up and get them accustomed to what is standard in any regular bike before getting a bicycle with pedals.

Get A Balance Bike With Brake

Handling of the brake is not as simple as it seems. The hand-eye coordination is vital. The child needs to get accustomed to it. However the brake lever of a regular bike is way too far for the small hands.

Thus, you should get a balance bike which has mini levers meant for kids. The brakes generally come for the rear wheel, which is a good thing as well, since it gets them into the habit of applying brake to the rear wheel at first while stopping. As the kid grows up, he/she starts riding the balance bike at a faster pace.

The brake also prevents any injury in the process and lengthens the life of the sole of the shoes.

Change The Wheel To A Regular One With Inflatable Tires

Inflatable tires provide a smoother ride. It also makes the ride faster. Let the kid accustomed to these by changing the type of wheels. They should also know how a regular cycle tire is inflated.

Remove The Turning Limiter

After some time you should always let your child feel the full effect of the turning of the front handle. A limiter will never be present in a regular bike. Let the kid learn how to limit the turning on his/her own rather than assisting that by a limiter.

Parents pave the path for the kids in this world. Let us take the smart decision at all times and help our children get ready for the various challenges in life without getting them dependent on anything or anybody.

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